Voice-over and ADR (Automated Dialogue Replacement) recording with remote monitoring and Remote Transport Sync (RTS) with picture/timeline lock are now available at Phoenix Sound Studios.

Connect your voice-over or ADR session to directors/producers/studios worldwide and communicate in real-time with the artist and sound engineer remotely. Line-level signal and quality monitoring using a proven standard and widely used cloud-based conferencing service like Source-Connect, Source-Connect NOW, Zoom, and or Skype make every session simple and easy.

We have a great collection of high-end microphones for recording voice-over or ADR including Neumann U87, Neumann U47, AKG, RODE, Townsend L22, Shure SM7B, Sennheiser LAV, and RODE NT4+ shotgun mic. We use only the best microphone pre-amps like NEVE, AVALON, and UAD.

In a typical scenario; A producer for a commercial could be at home on their laptop in a different state and direct a voice-over artist for a recording session in real-time. They can be in direct communication with both the artist and engineer without compromising the recording process. The finished recording can be reviewed and approved. Following the session, we can edit and mix your recording to provide you with a broadcast-ready voiceover or deliver as uncompressed WAVs, as an OMF (Open Media Framework) or AAF (Advanced Authoring Format) file.

A Guide for other studios to connect to Phoenix Sound Studios using Source-Connect. 


  1. Source-Connect is typically the way we connect to other studios.
  2. Our Source-Connect ID is: PhoenixSoundStudios
  3. We do NOT provide “record and replace”. Source-Connect is running in stand-alone mode.
  4. We can offer 44100Hz or 48000Hz mono or stereo.
  5. Optional: Source-Connect Remote Transport Sync (RTS) allows remote ADR, music overdubbing, and mix review sessions with picture/timeline lock.
  6. For video monitoring, we can either generate a ZOOM session on our end or the client can.
A Guide to Remote Monitoring for Sessions using Source-Connect NOW.


  1. Google Chrome web browser (version 92 or above) or Microsoft Edge web browser (version 92 or above)
  2. A microphone – this can be the built in one found on most laptops or an external one
  3. Playback device – this can be either headphones or speakers. Although we recommend using headphones.
  4. A stable internet connection (preferably wired) capable of 10mbps upload and download.
Audio Only Monitoring

We use Source-Connect Now, a fully secure, broadcast-quality, web-based, streaming service for audio-only monitoring. We send a link which upon clicking will take you to the Source-Connect Now portal. You will be required to enter your name, password and choose your audio sound quality. For great audio quality, we recommend a setting of 256kbps when working in mono or stereo. Once connected, select your audio input (your microphone) and output device (speakers or headphone port). Google Chrome may ask you for access to your audio device and microphone, which you will need to allow. On completion, you will have direct communication with the artist, engineer and anyone else joined via Source-Connect NOW, Zoom, and/or Skype.