Visuals ‘sing’ louder than just audio, and they can elevate your music and authenticity as an artist.

Music videos are a great marketing tool for artists. They provide exposure to your brand or image, and they give the audience a better understanding of your music, so they’re able to connect with it and with you.

Phoenix Sound Studios now offers Film and Video Production with options to shoot in house or on location.

Artists, bands, singers, songwriters and musicians can record live and film simultaneously if they’d prefer to capture that ‘magic’ and ‘spontaneity’ of a live performance. Alternatively they can record first and mime to the pre-recorded tracks, which will allow them to focus on each and do it well.

We work closely with you and make sure the video outcome delivers your vision.

Phoenix Sound Studios have high quality cameras and equipment to produce exceptional results.

We do post production in house including video editing and creating video files to suit any format and platform.

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Watch our Video Showreel or go to Samples page for our clients’ audio and music video examples.