Studio recording should be a fun and creative process. At Phoenix Sound Studios your ideas will come to life and sound the best they possibly can. We will make sure every vocal or instrument is captured by selecting the appropriate microphone, preamp and microphone placement within a suitable acoustic space.

Large bands and small chamber orchestral groups, up to 25 musicians, can record live on up to 32 individual tracks simultaneously.

When recording, having just the right monitor mix is paramount. If you can’t hear, you can’t perform at your best. Surprisingly, adequate headphone monitoring is usually an oversight at some studios. At Phoenix Sound Studios vocalists and musicians have complete control over their individual monitor mix throughout the recording process. This is totally independent from others that may be recording simultaneously and gives everybody what they really want – “more me!”

Studio Features

Three different size rooms, all with visibility to each other – LIVE ROOM (30’x 20′), CONTROL ROOM (30’x 20′), VOCAL / DRUM BOOTH (10’ x 8’)

Exceptional acoustics resulting in an incredible natural live sound

Large bands and small chamber orchestral ensembles can be accommodated without being confined and can record live on up to 32 individual tracks simultaneously

Plenty of natural light and beautiful scenery

Individual personal monitoring on up to 16 channels

State-of-the-art recording equipment including NEVE 1073, Universal Audio 6176, Avalon 737, RME, Bellari, TASCAM microphone preamps, Neumann, RODE, AKG, SHURE, BLUE, OPR, Audio Technica, Yamaha and KRK Expose monitors.

Experienced engineer who is a professional musician

Access to in-house instruments such Yamaha Maple Custom and Recording Custom drum kits, Roland V drums, amps and guitars is available – these are setup ready for recording

Phoenix Sound Studios offers the highest standard in audio production hardware and software

There is plenty of free and unrestricted secure off street parking making a stress free and easy access load in

Music video production is now available at Phoenix with options to shoot in house or on location

A range of specialised audio services such as masteringaudio restoration, audio archival and forensic audio are also offered

Editing and Mixing

An important stage after recording is editing and mixing. Phoenix Sound Studios edit and mix your material appropriately to achieve a well-balanced and true musical result using the very latest technologies.

Whether it’s fine tuning a lyric or cleaning up a guitar track, good editing can really improve the outcome of your music. We have the tools that enable us to do whatever it takes to get your tracks sounding the best they can be.

Mixing is the process by which multiple recorded sounds are combined into one or more channels. Mixing is very subjective and a real art form. Phoenix Sound Studios ensure all the effort put in at the recording stage is represented the way you envisaged. Balancing your tracks and adding processing such as compression, equalisation or reverb, if required, will enhance your tracks and bring your music to life.

A remote editing and eMixing service is also offered. Send us your source tracks or stems and Phoenix Sound Studios will send you back a completed mix. This process can be achieved completely online if desired. For more information please contact us.

See Samples page for our clients’ audio and video examples.