Phoenix Sound Studios has an in-depth knowledge and understanding of audio restoration and archival. By removing noises, distortions and reverb, we can transform any flawed audio into pristine, usable and desirable material. The final result is professionally mastered audio that can be transferred to any media or format of your choice such as CD, DVD or audio file.

Audio Restoration involves cleaning up and enhancing audio removing noise from old recordings, audio files, videos, documentaries, seminars and pod-casts.

A broad range of noise removal and sophisticated processing techniques are carefully applied without affecting the tone, timbre and natural modulation of the voice or music. Once the audio or music is clean, all irregularities are levelled and balanced so that each and every word is clear. Finally, the audio is mastered for utmost clarity, resulting in a professional, clean and crisp sound ready to be placed on the media or format of your choice such as CD, DVD or audio file.

Archival involves digitizing and transferring of audio from one format to another resulting in the preservation of material.

Whether you have valuable master tapes, a collection of oral histories, deteriorating, damaged or obsolete media or even just a favourite out-of-print commercial recording, Phoenix Sound Studios can help you archive your material in your chosen format.