Conceived by Justin Humphries in 2011, Phoenix Sound Studios offers an inspirational, relaxed, and creative environment using the very latest in studio recording technology.

Justin is an accomplished and experienced percussionist, sound engineer, composer, and educator living in Melbourne Australia. With a rich and varied career spanning over 35+ years, Justin has performed and recorded as a percussionist and operated as a sound engineer with numerous bands and artists.

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Custom Drum & Percussion Tracks

Justin creates and records high-quality drum and percussion tracks for musicians, producers, and composers all over the world. He has been providing this service for over 30 years and was one of the first to introduce this concept.

Justin’s custom drum tracks will bring your music to life and make your songs sound unique. All custom drum tracks utilize quality drums, cymbals, and percussion instruments from Yamaha, Sabian, Roland, and LP. Using state-of-the-art recording equipment from Neumann, Neve, UAD, Avalon, AKG, and Shure, all drum tracks will sound at their best.

Location is no barrier. In other words, projects can be managed entirely online. The recording process can be monitored remotely using Source-Connect NOW or Zoom in real-time for approval. On completion, a stereo drum mix and stems can be supplied for mixing in your studio. Justin can work with all audio file formats and software packages such as Cubase, Studio One, Logic, Digital Performer, Nuendo Reaper, or Protools. Contact Justin now for custom drum & percussion tracks for your music. Check out our clients and gallery page and learn more about Phoenix Sound Studios.

Drumming Credits

Nick Freer “The Unsuspecting”, Suzanne Kinsella ‘The Conversation’, Suzanne Petersen ‘I Foresaw This Trouble’, Michael Mathews ‘Mosaic’, ‘Rezzalp ‘In My Dreams’, ‘The Preview’, Brendan Hains ‘Modal Nomad’, Robbie Greig ‘Marked Man’, Anita George – Storm to the Moonlight, Lottie Liams – Grennhouse Blues, Echuca Jazz Festival, 2006 Brownlow Medal Event Melbourne, Coolart Jazz Festival, Main Stem Big Band, Lounge Room Legends Big Band, Sarah Maclaine Band, Body & Soul (Seoul, South Korea), Sharon Anderson Band, Larry Maluma (ABC Rage video clip), Denise Drysdale, Jon Chester, The Crooners Show Big Band, Performed on Good Morning Australia (10 Network), 7 Network, Melody Crystal, The Changing, Paris & Co, Kiss of Reality, Asteric Parker Band, Arch Stevenson, Judith Durham (Seekers), Groovenation, Kaliopi, Jon St. Peters, Albear, Jon Merkus, Colour Wheel, Alex Pertout, Danielle Greenwood (Sydney Sony Music Tour), Alexiou Brothers, Elevation, Triangle, Rezzalp and Mark Wesby (Adelaide tour).

Justin recording drums for a client.

Original Music releases

Triangle “Against the Grain”
Featuring the talents of Gary Norman on guitar, Mike Mathews on bass, and Justin Humphries on drums. Triangle performed on PBS FM106.7, Manchester Lane Melbourne, and Melbourne International Electric Jazz Festival and supported Dave Weckl Band’s Australian tour. In addition “Against The Grain” was listed as a best seller by Vorticity Music and Audiophile Imports.

Mind Funk
Features a variety of moods from the wild funk/fusion of ‘Cloud 9’, ‘Tractor Beam’, ‘Mind Funk’ and ‘About Time’ to the ambiance freedom of ‘Raw Blues’, ‘Mystic’ and ‘Mystic II’. Latitude features Justin’s Latin playing along with percussionist great Alex Pertout. Also featured is a reworking of John Coltrane’s ‘Giant Steps’.

Featuring master guitarist Andrew McMurray and percussionist Justin Humphries performing a mix of Brazilian, Cuban, and flamenco music.

Drum Songs
Includes 11 complete songs, featuring drums only, in varying styles and feels such as rock, jazz, and funk. All drum tracks follow familiar song forms such as AABA.

Various music compositions by Justin can be heard on a variety of local and international TV shows and advertisements such as Commonwealth Bank, Tropscore, IGA, 7.30 Report, the English sitcom “Biography” and the American sitcom “Becker”.


Justin has over 35+ years of teaching experience. – Drumtek School of Music, Box Hill TAFE, Geelong TAFE, Scotch College, Warrandyte High School, Ivanhoe Grammar School, and Marymede Catholic College. Justin offers private one-on-one Drum kit and Sound Engineering lessons at Phoenix Sound Studios or remotely online via Zoom.

Within Justin’s friendly teaching studio, there are two Yamaha drum kits and teaching aids such as computers, recording equipment, and a vast library of recorded music and video. Justin accepts students of all ages and skill levels and develops appropriate programs for each student’s ability. Contact Justin for lessons.

Check out our clients and gallery page and learn more about Phoenix Sound Studios.