A state-of-the-art Melbourne recording studio delivering the highest level of sound, music and video production.

COVID-19 update and Phoenix Sound Studios.

Great news, as from 28th Oct 2020 Phoenix Sound Studios are open and fully operational. Rest assured we are committed to providing a COVIDSafe environment to all clients.

NEW! Vocal & Instrument Removal (Source Separation) is now available at Phoenix Sound Studios. Finally, the ability to separate vocals and instruments from a stereo mix is now a reality.

Phoenix Sound Studios is located in one of the most beautiful northern suburbs of Melbourne Australia, Hurstbridge. The studio offers an inspirational, relaxed and creative environment and in addition the very latest in studio recording technology.

“A beautiful-sounding main tracking room and just by the clap of a hand, you can tell that acoustic instruments in particular really come to life here.”

by Neil BolandMelbourne Guru Magazine

Contact us to discuss your next project. A free no obligation recording studio tour can be arranged if desired but booking in advance is essential. We look forward to hearing from you!

What makes Phoenix Sound Studios different?

Phoenix Sound Studios is no converted bedroom or warehouse. The multi-room facility was designed and purpose built to produce exceptional acoustics while also retaining plenty of natural light.

The studio consists of three varied acoustic spaces. As a result, large bands and small chamber orchestral groups can be accommodated comfortably without feeling confined. Beautiful scenery and natural light combined with individual personal monitoring also make recording a joy. In addition, there is ample free and unrestricted off-street parking. Consequently, loading and unloading gear is easy and stress free.

Phoenix Sound studios is owned and operated by an experienced sound engineer and musician with over 30+ years of experience.

We use high end audio equipment from highly regarded companies such as Neve, Avalon, Universal Audio and Neumann. And we know how to use our gear.

“. . . Such a great environment for capturing contemporary drum sounds. It’s an incredible room with state-of-the-art drums, headphones, desk and microphones.”

Andrew Gander – Master percussionist

Above all Phoenix Sound Studios is the ultimate choice for those seeking the very best in sound, music and video production. We take care of your production needs from writing and pre-production to tracking, mixing and also mastering, all under one roof.

A range of additional specialised services are also offered such as masteringaudio restorationaudio archival and forensic audio.

Who uses Phoenix Sound Studios?

Bands, producers, ensembles, singers and songwriters, agencies, record companies and other Melbourne recording studios for example use Phoenix Sound Studios for:

  • CD projects, EPs and albums
  • Mixing
  • Mastering
  • Music Production
  • Film / television music
  • Film and video production
  • Song writing
  • Voice overs
  • Recording drums and percussion
  • Commercials
  • Session musicians
  • Audio restoration
  • Forensic audio

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TIME SHIFT, an experimental percussion project created by Justin Humphries using uniquely performed percussive instruments and organic sounds. Recorded, filmed and post production at Phoenix Sound Studios.

Nothing but the best high end equipment here at Phoenix.
Nothing but the best high end equipment here at Phoenix.
Melbourne Recording Studio
Control room console at Phoenix Sound Studios. A Melbourne recording studio.