Phoenix Sound Studios

Phoenix Sound Recording Studios Melbourne

A state-of-the-art recording studio facility capable of delivering the highest level of music and sound production.

Conceived by Justin Humphries Phoenix Sound Studios is designed to offer an inspirational and relaxed environment that is flexible to the needs of its clients in composing, recording, mixing and mastering of music and sound.

Bands, ensembles, singers, artists and songwriters, agencies, record companies and other recording studios use Phoenix Sound Studios for:

  • CD projects and albums
  • Demos
  • Film / television music
  • Songwriting
  • Voice overs
  • Recording drums & Percussion
  • Commercials
  • Session musicians
  • Audio restoration
  • Forensic audio

Phoenix Sound Studios is no converted bedroom. Unlike some studios, the facility was built specifically to produce unique and exceptional acoustics resulting in an incredible natural live sound that is very desirable when recording drums for instance.

The recording studio comprises three different size rooms, all visible to each other and able to accommodate large bands and small chamber orchestral groups comfortably without feeling confined. Plenty of natural light and beautiful scenery together with individual personal monitoring makes recording a joy and allows the flow of creativity.

Phoenix Sound Studios hold the highest standards to ensure every amenity is made available.

A range of specialised audio services such as mastering, audio restoration, audio archival and forensic audio are also offered.

Contact Phoenix Sound Studios to discuss your next project or to book a free no obligation recording studio tour.  We look forward to hearing from you!


★★★★★ “Phoenix Sound Studios is definitely one of the best recording studios in Melbourne. Justin really knows his stuff and made my music sound much better than I would ever have imagined. He is friendly, accommodating and takes the time to get to know his clients. The sound of the studio is second to none. I loved the vocal and drum sounds. Absolutely remarkable! Those room mics where sweet! I knew Justin is an amazing drummer but I didn’t know he plays bass guitar really well too! Wonderful tranquil surroundings. Highly recommended!” randym1

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