A state-of-the-art Melbourne recording studio delivering the highest level of sound, music, and video production.

Phoenix Sound Studios is located in one of the most beautiful northern suburbs of Melbourne Australia, Hurstbridge. The studio offers an inspirational, relaxed, and creative environment and the very latest in studio recording technology.

Experience the convenience of remote monitoring and Remote Transport Sync (RTS) for Voice-over and ADR (Automated Dialogue Replacement) recording at Phoenix Sound Studios. Connect your voice-over or ADR session to directors/producers/studios around the world and communicate in real-time with the artist and sound engineer remotely. Line-level signal and high-quality monitoring using a proven standard and widely used cloud-based conferencing service like Source-ConnectSource-NexusZoom, Teams and/or Skype make every session simple and easy.

COVID-19 update and Phoenix Sound Studios.

We are committed to providing a COVIDSafe environment to all clients and have implemented a COVIDSafe plan. Please read and agree to our COVIDSafe plan before arriving for your session.

“A beautiful-sounding main tracking room and just by the clap of a hand, you can tell that acoustic instruments, in particular, come to life here.”

by Neil BolandMelbourne Guru Magazine

Contact us to discuss your next project. A free no-obligation recording studio tour can be arranged if desired. Booking in advance is essential.

What makes Phoenix Sound Studios different?

Unlike makeshift setups in bedrooms or warehouses, Phoenix Sound Studios was purposefully designed and constructed to deliver outstanding acoustics while maximizing natural light.

Our facility comprises three distinct acoustic spaces, ensuring comfort for large bands or intimate chamber orchestras without any sense of confinement. With picturesque surroundings and a serene atmosphere, combined with personalized monitoring, recording becomes a delightful experience. Additionally, ample off-street parking and effortless gear loading and unloading contribute to a stress-free environment.

Owned and operated by a seasoned sound engineer and musician boasting over 35 years of expertise, Phoenix Sound Studios guarantees professionalism and proficiency.

We exclusively utilize premium audio equipment from renowned brands such as Neve, Avalon, Universal Audio, Tascam, and Neumann. Plus, our team possesses the expertise to maximize the potential of our gear.

“. . . Such a great environment for capturing contemporary drum sounds. It’s an incredible room with state-of-the-art drums, headphones, desk, and microphones.”

Andrew Gander – Master percussionist

Phoenix Sound Studios is the ultimate choice for those seeking the very best in sound, music, and video production. We handle all your production needs from writing and pre-production to tracking, mixing, and mastering, all under one roof.

Additional services are also available such as audio restorationaudio archival, and forensic audio.

Who uses Phoenix Sound Studios?

Bands, producers, ensembles, singers and songwriters, agencies, record companies, and other Melbourne recording studios utilize Phoenix Sound Studios for:

  • CD projects, EPs, and albums
  • Mixing
  • Mastering
  • Music Production
  • Film/television music
  • Film and video production
  • Songwriting
  • Voiceovers
  • Recording drums and percussion
  • Commercials
  • Session musicians
  • Audio restoration
  • Forensic audio

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Brand new single release out now by artist andHer produced by Phoenix Sound Studios

TIME SHIFT, an experimental percussion project created by Justin Humphries using uniquely performed percussive instruments and organic sounds. Recorded, filmed, and post-production at Phoenix Sound Studios.