Phoenix Sound Studios


Some of our previous clients:

 Department of Human Services (DHS)
 Red Design Group
 Nillumbik Shire Council
 Aaron Marshall
 Agam Randhawa
 Amie Grisold
 Andrew Gander
 Anita George
 Anjuz CD (Andrew McMurray and Justin Humphries)
 Arthur Dent
 Arvind Dora
 Ash Sumpter
 5TCB South Australia Audacious CD
 Ben Stopp CD Single
 Bineesh Mathew
 Brad Booth
 Brendan Hains’s Modal Nomad CD
 Brenton Foster
 Brett & Sara Oliver
 Caitlin Ziegler
 Camille Rose Espiritu
 Chris Ball
 Clean Dirt EP
 Congo Square CD
 Cro Magnon Back In My Day CD
 CS Music
 Dagny Yznaga
 Damian Austin
 Dave Butt
 David Shilton
 Diana Stubbings
 DrumScene Magazine CD Supplement Issue 49 & 50
 Emily Kilkenny
 Ferva “Mr Brown Eyes” CD
 Frank Corniola
 Frank Corniola “Rhythm Section Drumming” CD Bass Player Edition
 Funkin’ Jazz #2 CD
 Funkin’ Jazz CD
 Gary Hodges
 Georgia Hughes
 Glen Mortimer Full Circle CD
 Greg Waddell “Stories” CD
 Guitar Tapestries CD
 Ian Tan
 Jade Roman
 James Hall
 Jim Keays
 Joe Chindamo Solo Live at Umbria Jazz ’05 Italy CD
 Joel Quinn
 John Dickens
 Joy Van Diemen
 Justin Armour
 Katherine Phelps
 Kent A Crowd
 Kirk Kappelhoff
 Kon & Alex Alexiou CD
 KSL Daniel Fox EP CD
 Kurtis CD
 Legal Services Commission of South Australia
 Lottie Liams
 Magesh Magesh
 Mat Morgan
 Mick Clear
 Mike Mathews
 Mind Funk “Justin Humphries” CD
 Nick Freer
 Nikk Kourmouzis
 Peter Buddle CD
 Peter DeVisser
 Peter Kent
 Richard Doctors Blink CD
 Safeway Lion King Commercial
 Andrew Ogburn – Sculpting Time
 Simon Charles
 Smriti Dance Company
 Smriti Goyal
 South Australian Arts Council
 Suzanne Kinsella
 Suzanne Petersen
 The Changing CD
 The Jacqui Walker Band CD
 Tony Gould LIVE at Ivanhoe Grammar School
 Tony Hatters
 Triangle CD
 Tyrian Fratta
 Zenith Moon
 Darryn Farrugia Groove Perspectives CD
 Rezzalp The Preview CD

Google reviews
of Phoenix Sound Studios

Testimonials from some of our previous clients:

“Phoenix Sound Studios is such a great environment for capturing contemporary drum sounds. It’s an incredibly well designed room with state of the art drums, headphones, desk, microphones etc. Justin Humphries has great recording chops and knows his studio inside out – but the clincher is that he himself is a serious professional musician (a great drummer!) who understands the whole performance & tracking process from the insider’s perspective, so his thinking and his ears are totally attuned to everything you’re going for musically AND technically. I always try to get 1st or 2nd takes so I don’t burn out, and for that you need an engineer who knows what you need is ready from the start, and who also hears and understands instantly the musical fine detail of a complex performance for any drop-in points, cross fades etc. It makes tracking so easy when your engineer is a musician who comprehends and digs everything you’re doing and can communicate on that level of detail and insight. Highly recommended!”
Andy-2150_100 Andrew Gander
Master percussionist, Melbourne Australia
“Rezzalp have worked alongside Justin in many of our projects at Phoenix Sound Studios and in off-site studios. Justin engineers with accuracy and speed, and if required can direct a project from start to the final mix/master to produce world class quality recordings. Justin is also an accomplished musician who understands and appreciates all sides and shades of music, whilst maintaining a professional and fun working environment. We have utilized his talents in drumming and percussion on many of our tracks and he has sourced session players for us when our resources were limited. We look forward to working with Justin at his recording studio again soon and enjoying the beautiful green country setting and views.”
Maryanne Plazzer – Rezzalp
Melbourne Australia
“Over a couple of decades, I have had the pleasure to work with Justin at Phoenix Sound Studios on a number of audio projects, ranging from original songs and jingles through to voiceovers, always with excellent results. Justin always gets the job done competently and professionally, due not only to his wide ranging background experience as a musician, sound engineer and producer, but also his ability to engage his clients and their projects with a personal touch that can often be found lacking in some studios. A studio can have all the right gear, and the person at the desk might know their way round the audio engineering world, but as those who have ‘been there’ will know all too well, one can’t stress enough the importance of having someone that you can communicate with and relate to when you’re involved in the overall creativity and vision for any audio visual project. Justin has that. You get a quality recording and a friendly personalised client service … and at a rate that is very reasonable and affordable. The space is great for projects of all kind, offering a city quality facility, in a part of rural north-eastern Melbourne. So when you’ve finished listening back to that great mix Justin has done for you, you can step outside with a coffee and enjoy listening to the birds and the silence, rather than the hubbub of city traffic. Highly recommended.”
Peter Kent
Kent A Crowd Voice Over Services
“Justin is the consummate professional; he really understands music production and goes about his business in a calm and methodical way. He provides a perfect environment for creating quality music, the studio is in a quiet semi-rural setting and Justin really makes you feel at home. The recording equipment is first class and Justin knows how use it to work with the artist and create a great product.”
Steve Wells
Congo Square – Melbourne, Australia
“I recently had the good fortune of using Justin’s recording studio facility to master 5 tracks that I am attempting to place with either a label or a sound library. The facility itself (set in the outer Northern fringe of Melbourne and including a pet goat) is certainly conducive to creative decision making and inspired performance. Configured into a spacious control room and an equally spacious and responsive live room, the recording studio has clearly been built to industry standards. In addition, there is easy load in and out access for bands with their own equipment. Justin’s approach to my particular tracks (all mastered at 24 bit/ 44.1kHz and dithered back down to CD quality) was thoughtful and timely with impressive sonic results. In actual fact I was recently in contact with someone in LA who remarked “This stuff sounds great! Really crisp sounding and great mixes”. I would have no hesitation in recommending both Justin and his recording studio facility to any musicians trying to get that elusive high grade final product.”
Gary Hodges
Melbourne, Australia
“GREAT work on these tunes; they now sound so much more like we envisioned them when we were writing them. Scott and I are very pleased with your work and your flexibility”
Brad Booth
Postmodern Blues – Ohio, USA
“LOVE what you have done with the drum tracks. Nice!! I really hope to work on future recording projects with you.”
Ian Tan